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Restaurant POS

Operating a restaurant of any caliber is a huge undertaking, and requires extensive organization, supervision, and knowledge. Integrated Payment Solutions can bridge all of these tasks together which will assist you and your staff while accepting payments, managing your employees, monitoring your inventory, and pleasing your customers. Most importantly, our ability to incorporate these tasks will make you business more efficient, saving you time, while offering an affordable price.

Our featured restaurant POS system is equipped with:

  • Flexible pricing that will allow you to create specials, discounts, or coupons whenever you feel it is appropriate
  • Easy to use menu setup tools
  • Customer database that retains contact information on your guests.
  • Internal messaging that allows for discrete communication between all employees.
  • Inventory tracking capabilities
  • Employee management tools
  • 24 hour customer support

There are three common categories of restaurant point of sale systems, and because every restaurant is different, your POS system will be customized to your establishment.

  • Hospitality & Fine Dining
  • Tabbedout Mobile Payments*
  • Online reservations
  • Order Entry/Ticketing
  • Table tracking
  • Customer database
  • Bar tabs

* A mobile app that allows your customers open a check with their mobile phone and conveniently pay their bill, allowing you to serve more customers, reduce customers who walk out on their checks, and receive immediate customer feedback.

Quick Service & Delivery

  • Driver management
  • Directions and Mapping for delivery orders
  • Caller ID Integration
  • Table tracking

Taverns & Spirits

  • Purchase order creation
  • Integrated Payments
  • Vendor management
  • Age verification
  • Employee commissions