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Payment Processing

There are a variety of payment options for all consumers and Integrated Payment Solutions, Inc. works with your needs to create and easy to use system for you and your employees and ensures your satisfaction with our products.

Credit Card Processing is the most preferred method of payment for customers today. Studies show that credit card spending is 2.5 times higher than cash spending; therefore accepting credit cards will increase your sales.

Benefits of credit card payment options:

  • Improves business credibility.
  • Customers feel more secure knowing they can put money on “plastic”.
  • Credit cards are easy to carry.
  • Credit card customers are more likely to make impulse purchases.

Integrated Payment Solutions can provide your business with a range of credit card and PIN debit processing solutions. We offer both PIN based and Signature Debit payment options. We work with businesses of all sizes; non-profits, small business, and large enterprises.

Check Processing is an important ability for businesses to undertake. Over 70% of all financial business transactions are processed via check. Integrated Payment Solutions offers a variety of services to process checks your business receives. Due to new technological advances most checks can now be processed electronically.

Benefits of Electronic Check Processing:

  • Accepted in person or by; phone, mail, and internet
  • Reduce invoicing expenses
  • The ability to use your established bank account
  • Reduce the need for branch banking
  • Reduce the potential for internet fraud

If you are interested in a check guarantee please call us for details.

ACH Processing, also known as Automatic Clearing House is a government run system which allows money to be transferred from one account to another as an electronic funds transfer.

Benefits of ACH processing:

  • Eliminates late fees, postage, and trips to the bank
  • Schedule one time or automatic payments
  • Easy set up and use
  • Small business merchants process ACH payments using a virtual terminal
  • Larger business merchants can integrate directly with a gateway to process transactions.

ACH payment scope:

  • Business to business
  • E-checks
  • Consumer bills
  • E-commerce payments

Gift Card and Loyalty Cards
Card payments, including gift cards are more popular today than ever before because are prepaid and ready for you customers to spend.

Loyalty card benefits

  • No gift wrapping
  • No need to make returns for gifts they do not want
  • Always getting a gift that they find useful or valuable
  • Easy to transport

Benefits to businesses:

  • Increase the likely hood that customers come into your business and are guaranteed to make a purchase
  • Customers are likely to spend a larger amount than the gift care value
  • Business keeps profits from funds that are never spent
  • Inexpensive marketing technique

Loyalty program benefits:

  • Enrollment is usually quick, simple, and requires minimal information
  • Creates incentive for customers to spend money in your store/li>
  • Inexpensive marketing technique/li>
  • Increases profits with little business expenditure/li>