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Due to recent changes in the economy more Americans are finding their way back to using cash instead of plastic, therefore you may want to consider installing an ATM in your business. Additionally an automated teller machine is an efficient method to increase your business cash flow. In fact, Up to 40% of money withdrawn from an ATM is money that is spent on site. This is particularly advantageous in areas with heavy foot traffic; such as bars, night clubs, arcades, and restaurants.

Integrated payment solutions offers industry leading machines with customizable features:

Triton: American made in business for over 30 years.

  • RL 1600 Slick
  • RL 2000
  • Transverse

Nautilus Hyosung: Customizable graphics and menus.

  • Mini Bank 1800

Tranax: Features and illuminated topper to attract your customers.

  • 1700w

For additional details on ATMs and more of our products please call our office.